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As the focus on providing a positive, unique and engaging customer experience continues to grow, car park operators are embracing new technology. CV Media & Signage’s digital parking solutions deliver clients the ability to update and change parking messages and pricing in real time, optimising the customer experience.

Enhance the parking experience with the clever use of digital technology and attract new customers, grow your market share and increase revenue.

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Why digital?

Dynamic Pricing

Through digitally changing the rates in accordance with traffic flow and other impacting variables, operators can analyse data to interpret peak and slow periods and boost revenue with automated pricing strategies.

Increase Revenue

The advertising capability of digital signage provides the opportunity for increased revenue by engaging with nearby businesses or through the promotion of the car parks specials, car wash and valet options.

Customer Experience

CV Media & Signage’s parking technology provides a unique communication tool to manage crucial brand touch points and improve the customer experience with customised, engaging content.

Real-time Parking Info

Linking with intelligent sensor systems allows street and internal car park signage to provide real time parking space availability optimising the traffic flow and reducing congestion.

Flexible Content

Our cloud based content management system is accessible from any internet enabled device allowing for scheduling or instant updates of content as well as live traffic, weather and safety news.

Smart Carpark

Digital parking signage allows companies to run facilities unattended using enhanced graphic displays and instructions to guide customers from entry to exit, minimising waiting times and queues.

Our solutions

We take pride in our capability to deliver customised digital parking solutions for each of our clients. Our digital technology embodies innovation for car parks, ensuring our clients are delivering key messages in a visually engaging and effective manner to improve the customer experience.

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Dynamic Parking Kiosk

CV Media & Signage have developed the Dynamic Parking Kiosk which focuses on customer service whilst delivering clients the ability to update and change their parking messages and pricing in real time. The Dynamic Parking Kiosk can provide customers with ease of entry and exit, live traffic and safety updates, and most importantly deliver parking and pricing information. Utilising an industry best aluminium kiosk, IP67 full HD LCD screen, a highly flexible CMS and inbuilt media player, the technology and design of the kiosk ensures functionality for indoor/outdoor use, and adaptability for industries such as retail, hospitality, transport and real estate.

Digital Wayfinding Signage

In high-stress environments such as car parks, an effective wayfinding system helps contribute to a sense of well-being, safety, and security. Linking digital wayfinding signage with number plate recognition software and sensor systems can ensure a seamless parking experience whilst reducing print costs and avoiding sign saturation. Digital wayfinding signage can outline the number and location of available spaces whilst also guiding the customer towards the most convenient or booked space.

LED Displays

Often located in busy locations, car parks can capture the attention of potential customers with engaging street based LED signage. With traffic and parking conditions consistently changing, LED displays ensure car park operators can provide up to date parking availability or highlight cheaper rates in slower periods. Managed via a cloud-based content management system, operators have 24-hour access and flexibility in updating content.

Carpark Pylons

Integrating an LED screen within a Pylon sign provides businesses with the full impact of traditional static signage, whilst also providing the flexibility of digital to deliver targeted customer messages. These can be easily adapted to individual locations and spaces, ensuring the best vantage points are leveraged for maximum message exposure. The external shell casing of the pylon can be customised with the companies branding whilst single or double sided LED options are available.

Managed via a cloud-based content management system, operators have 24-hour access and flexibility in updating the LED messages. Content can be both proactive and reactive for the environment, with traffic and parking conditions consistently changing.

Video Walls

Placing video walls throughout a car park enables operators to deliver clear and engaging digital content that can be easily adapted and changed. Managed via a cloud based content management system, car park operators have the ability to change messages to reflect safety information, parking costs, parking specials, business advertisements and other precinct updates.

Use of digital screens reduces print costs and improves the conversation between car parks and its customers, ensuring the customer experience is managed from the outset and throughout. The ability to present animated content provides an extra element to the signage, ensuring it captures the audience’s attention and assists the overall visual delivery of communications. Through placement and well produced content, video walls are engaging, informative and effective.

Centralised Command Centre

Bringing together all car park operations into a centralised command centre allows operators to deliver a consistently high customer service experience. Sync CCTV activity with large LCD video walls to display clear vision and allow for single or split screen uses in the display of different camera perspectives. This can also be integrated with CCTV dashboard allowing for a real-time feed of parking data including number of cars and available parking spaces. Such data will assist in the day to day management as well as forward projection and planning.

Creating a centralised command centre with state-of-the-art audio visual monitoring technology allows for a cohesive customer service experience, enabling staff to speak to customers, raise boom gates and address traffic management issues.

APM Display

Placing our customised display on top of your existing Automatic Payment Machine provides another avenue to engage and improve the customer experience. Payment processes can be displayed through animated content or new capabilities can be highlighted (i.e. credit card payment at exit), ensuring the overall parking service can be delivered with ease and efficiency. Managed via a cloud based content management system, content can be easily adapted and changed to reflect parking specials, advertisements and other updates. Audio can also be added for an extra layer of customer engagement.

Static & Painting

Wayfinding signage plays a vital role in the customer experience and operational efficiency of a car park whether it be directional, informational and identification. It is essential that designs are clear, concise, and present well-organised information that is quick and easy to read and understand.

Creative painting and signage can help to create visual interest within a car park. For example, employing differing paint schemes on different parking levels to provide distinction between floors can help visitors keep track of where they parked.

CV Media & Signage can provide the complete turnkey solution having delivered comprehensive and customised parking solutions for a broad range of clients, utilising signage, media or both, to design the optimum outcome.

Service & Maintenance

The CV Media & Signage team offers expert technical advice and support throughout all phases of your digital parking project. Our online system allows proactive monitoring and maintenance of all field assets to maximise uptime for our customers.

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